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Julian Harold Lopez
is a screenplay writer first, a producer second, and a director third.

Part I
Julian started in media in his early 20's as a freelance photographer in Medellin Colombia where a few of his drug traffic news breaking, front page photos were published by El Colombiano, the city's main newspaper.

Julian then worked in High Tech at a Midtown Manhattan, New York firm, and for over a dozen years at Fox and MGM/UA aka Turner Ent. now Sony Pics in Culver City California.

During his spare time at that time, Julian trained as and actor and did a few stints in front of the camera, including a commercial in Spanish.

Part II
Julian earned a Master MFA degree with emphasis in Film Production from LMU in 1998. He wrote, produced, and directed all of his projects in 16mm, within budget, and on time.

Julian then focused on screenplay writing, including ghost writing. He was Director of The Media Program at a H.S. in Burbank, a college professor in screenwriting at LTU, a translator for contracts and attorneys; and an entrepreneur running a Health Care business for some more years.

During his spare time at this time, Julian honed on newer High Tech by designing web sites, including the use of tools for pictures and video delivery.

Part III
Currently, Julian is dedicated to grow

Julian is focusing right now on Partnering with a SALES PRODUCER company for two feature film projects currently underway.

Julian says the future of media viewing can only go one one, bigger.

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