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Here is the deal:
We partner, collaborate or hire on the set and post-production professional to get the job done within budget and on time.

As every filmmaker knows, film production is a complex endeavor. Feature length film projects life cycles fluctuate, success therefore rest not only on the conviction, creativity and talent of the filmmaker, but on dedicated efforts to achieve Oscar winning results. It sounds ambitious, and it is. That is what we strive for.

As a team member, as this is a team, the commitment is or should be for that entire life cycle which generally begins with casting and crewing in the pre-production stage, and generally ends after post-production is completed, and a sale or distribution deal occurs.

That is the objective, Viamovie filmmaking objectives, to develop and produce high quality feature length films.

We are looking for TWO SALES PRODUCER with proven experience, one, WORLDWIDE, and two, NORTH AMERICA.

Please email your verifiable, relevant film sales information.



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